When Boban Marjanović was traded in February to the Los Angeles Clippers, he never expected to get involved with another local industry beyond basketball.

The 29-year-old center from Serbia is used to standing out from the crowd: At 7’3”, he’s the tallest player in the NBA. But Marjanović could never have anticipated he’d be noticed in Hollywood, where he was recently cast as an assassin in Lionsgate’s upcoming “John Wick 3.”

“My agency helped me; they needed someone, and luckily we got it figured out for me to get the role,” Marjanović tells Variety, in explaining how he became involved with the film.

Producers and director Chad Stahelski saw the NBA star as the perfect addition to the “John Wick” universe; Marjanović makes quite an impression, considering his massive frame includes a 7’10” wingspan. But he didn’t reveal whether he’ll be playing a formidable foe or an important ally to Keanu Reeves’ rogue assassin.

“John Wick 3” isn’t his only interest when it comes to entertainment opportunities off the court. He’s developing a handful of projects, including a digital series with Clippers teammate Tobias Harris.

“We are very good friends and have fun hanging out,” Marjanović says. “We like doing funny things, so it developed into something we can now do on camera for fun.”

While basketball is still his passion and something he wants to continue doing for some time, the Serbian big man isn’t against the idea of a career in the entertainment industry when his playing days are done.

“I like to have fun,” he says. “I don’t look for it. If it happens, it happens. I am lucky to do what I do and enjoy life.”