The 2018 Berlin Film Festival’s Panorama section has completed its lineup with the addition of films including “Yardie,” Idris Elba’s directorial debut; “The Silence of Others,” a documentary produced by Pedro Almodóvar; and “Lemonade,” produced by Cristian Mungiu.

Rolling off its world premiere at Sundance, “Yardie” is an adaptation of Victor Headley’s British cult novel about a young Jamaican who drifts into the drug-dealing underworld of 1980s London. The movie is being represented in international markets by Studiocanal.

Directed by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar, “The Silence of Others” portrays survivors of crimes of Spain’s 40-year Fascist dictatorship, who seek justice and attempt to prosecute perpetrators. The documentary feature, which was filmed over four years and is produced by Almodovar, follows survivors and human rights lawyer on a journey to build an international lawsuit. “The Silence of Others” also explores how divided Spanish society remains over the Franco era, even after nearly four decades of democracy.

“Lemonade,” directed by Ioana Uricaru and mainly produced by Palme d’Or winning director Mungiu at Mobra Films, tells the tale of Mara, a 30-year-old Romanian single mother who marries an American man while in the U.S. on a temporary work visa. The process of getting a green card veers unexpectedly off course, and Mara is faced with stereotypes and abuses of power on every level. The role of Mara is played by Malina Manovici, the Romanian star of “Graduation,” which competed at Cannes in 2016 and earned Mungiu a best director prize (shared with Olivier Assayas for “Personal Shopper”).

Other notable titles which have been added to the Panorama lineup include Babak Jalali’s “Land” and Ursula Meier’s “Shock Waves – Diary of My Mind.”

The full Panorama lineup will comprise 47 films from 40 countries, including 37 world premieres and 16 directorial debuts.

Here is the complete Panorama 2018 roster:

“Al Gami’ya” (“What Comes Around”) – Lebanon / Egypt / Greece / Qatar / Slovenia, World premiere

“Animale” – Austria, World premiere

“Až přijde válka” (“When the War Comes”) – Czech Republic / Croatia, World premiere

“Bixa Travesty” (“Tranny Fag”) – Brazil, World premiere

“Ex Paje” (“Ex Shaman”) – Brazil, World premiere

“La enfermedad del domingo” (“Sunday’s Illness”) – Spain, World premiere

“Familienleben” (“Family Life”) — Germany, World premiere

“Game Girls” – France / Germany — World premiere

“Garbage” – India, World premiere

“Generation Wealth” – USA, International premiere

“Genezis” (“Genesis”) – Hungary, World premiere

“Hojoom” (“Invasion”) – Iran, International premiere

“Horizonti” (“Horizon”) – Georgia / Sweden, World premiere

“Hotel Jugoslavija” – Switzerland, European premiere

“Inkan, gongkan, sikan grigo inkan” (“Human, Space, Time and Human”) – Republic of Korea, World premiere

“Je vois rouge” (“I See Red People”) – France / Bulgaria, World premiere
Jibril – Germany, World premiere

“Kinshasa Makambo” – Democratic Republic of the Congo / France / Switzerland / Germany / Qatar / Norway, World premiere

“Koly padayut dereva” (“When the Trees Fall”) – Ukraine / Poland / Macedonia, World premiere

“Land” – Italy / France / Netherlands / Mexico, World premiere

“Lemonade” – Romania / Germany / Canada / Sweden, World premiere

“Malambo, el Hombre Bueno” (“Malambo, the Good Man”) – Argentina, World premiere

“Marilyn” – Argentina / Chile, World premiere

“MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.” – USA / United Kingdom / Sri Lanka, International premiere

“Mes provinciales” (“A Paris Education”) – France, World premiere

“Obscuro Barroco” – France / Greece, world premiere’’

“La Omisión” (“The Omission”) – Argentina / The Netherlands / Switzerland, World premiere

“Ondes de choc – Journal de ma tête” (“Shock Waves – Diary of My Mind”) – Switzerland, International premiere

“Ondes de choc – Prénom: Mathieu” (“Shock Waves – First Name: Mathieu”) – Switzerland, International premiere

“Partisan” – Germany, World premiere

“O processo” (“The Trial”) – Brazil / Germany / Netherlands, World premiere

“Profile” – USA / UK / Cyprus, world premiere

“River’s Edge” – Japan, international premiere

“Rou qing shi” (“Girls Always Happy”) – People’s Republic of China, World premiere

“Shakedown” – USA, World premiere

“Shut Up and Play the Piano” – Germany / France / United Kingdom, World premiere

“The Silence of Others” – USA / Spain, World premiere

“The Silk and the Flame” – USA, World premiere

“Styx” – Germany / Austria, World premiere

“La terra dell’abbastanza” (“Boys Cry”) – Italy, World premiere

“That Summer” – Sweden / Denmark / USA, European premiere

“Tinta bruta” (“Hard Paint”) – Brazil, World premiere

“Trinta Lumes” (“Thirty Souls”) – Spain, World premiere

“Xiao Mei” – Taiwan, World premiere

“Yardie” – United Kingdom, European premiere

“Yocho” (“Foreboding”)– Japan, European premiere

“Zentralflughafen THF” (“Central Airport THF”) – Germany / Brazil / France, World premiere