The Berlin Film Festival has completed the lineup of its Forum section with a selection of special screenings which deliver an alternative view of film history.

Among the titles set to unspool as part of the Forum’s Special Screenings are James Benning’s 1976 feature debut “11 x 14,” which is composed of single shots, each of which individually narrate something and hold the film together through recurring elements. “11 x 14” was originally shown at the Forum in 1977, and it has now been restored by the Austrian Film Museum in collaboration with Arsenal.

Other Special Screenings include the 1985 documentary “Yama – Attack to Attack,” Japanese directors Mitsuo Sato and Kyoichi Yamaoka’s portrait of the Tokyo district of Sanya; Mohamed Zinet’s film “Tahia ya Didou,” which depicts the city of Algiers and blends fiction and documentary; and erotic Japanese “pink eiga” films, notably Masayuki Suo’s debut feature.

“Since its foundation in 1971, the Forum has always shone a spotlight on historical films, too, shaking the foundations of a cinematic canon whose main interest lies in feature films from Western Europe and North America,” the Berlinale said. “This year’s program once again stands in opposition to such views and is dedicated to cinema from Africa, documentary and experimental film, ‘anti-cinema’ films and salacious B-movies and ‘dirty’ films.”

The Forum program will kick off Feb. 16 with a concert by a group of Arab avant-garde musicians who will each provide a solo accompaniment to seven short films by Georges Méliès.

2018 Forum Special Screenings:

“11 x 14” by James Benning, USA 1976

“Abnormal Family” by Masayuki Suo, Japan 1984

“Der Film verlässt das Kino: Vom Kübelkind-Experiment und anderen Utopien” (“Film Beyond Cinema: The Dumpster Kid Experiment and Other Utopias”) by Robert Fischer, Germany – WP

“Geschichten vom Kübelkind” (“Stories of the Dumpster Kid”) by Ula Stöckl, Edgar Reitz, Germany 1970

“Gushing Prayer” by Masao Adachi, Japan 1971

“Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands” by Atsushi Yamatoya, Japan 1967

“Kad budem mrtav i beo” (“When I Am Dead and Pale”) by Živojin Pavlović, Yugoslavia 1967

“Santo contra Cerebro del mal” (“Santo vs. Evil Brain”) by Joselito Rodríguez, Mexico 1961

“Shaiu Umar” by Adamu Halilu, Nigeria 1976

“Tahia ya Didou” by Mohamed Zinet, Algeria 1971

“Yama – Attack to Attack” by Mitsuo Sato, Kyoichi Yamaoka, Japan 1985