Carole Lambert’s recently launched Windy Prods., which has the Marion Cotillard-starrer “Angel Face” playing in Un Certain Regard, is set to produce Joséphine Derobe’s fantasy feature “VV,” Eric Capitaine’s “Les bonnes actions” and Manuel Schapira’s “Tropique de la violence.”

Derobe’s “VV” follows Anna, a woman who wakes up in a hospital room after surviving a deadly car accident. Although she tries to remain optimistic, her return to normal life turns nightmarish as she undergoes rehabilitation therapy using virtual reality. The movie will mark the feature debut of Derobe, who is a well-known French 3D and VR artist.

Shapira’s “Tropique de la Violence” is co-written with French novelist Delphine de Vigan, whose “Based on a True Story” was adapted into a film by Roman Polanski.

“Tropique” centers on Moïse, a boy who was abandoned at birth and adopted by a nurse in Mayotte who raised him alone and cherished him until she died when he was 15. Searching for his roots, Moïse travels to the slums where dozens of orphans live, caught up between violence and hopes for a better life.
Schapira previously directed “Damoclès,” a comedy with Manu Payet (“Ami-ami”).

“Les bonnes actions,” Capitaine’s sophomore outing, was co-written with François Begaudeau (“The Class,” “Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno”). “Les bonnes actions” (“The Good Deeds”) follows Léo and Mag, a self-absorbed couple whose lives are changed after Leo saves the life of a homeless man. From that day, every time he helps a stranger, he gets some money. Without knowing it, Leo has become the unique beneficiary of a bank account that is funded thanks to good deeds only.

“I’m interested in producing a wide range of films and series that are director-driven, high-concept and anchored in Europe,” said Lambert, who also said she wanted to work with emerging filmmakers and continue partnering up with well-established producers on certain projects.

“Angel Face,” Vanessa Filho’s feature debut, is the first film delivered by Windy Prods. The film stars Cotillard as a single mother who abandons her 8-year-old daughter after meeting a man during a night out.

Lambert produced the film with Marc Missionnier at Moana Films and Stephane Celerier at Mars Films, who will also be distributing “Angel Face” in France.

Lambert described “Angel Face” as a colorful, uplifting drama told through the eyes of a child. “It’s a though subject but it’s treated in a way which brings out optimism, in a way similar as ‘Moonlight,'” said Lambert, who added the film took four years to get financed and bring to big screens.

Lambert previously co-founded the production outfit De Films en Aiguilles with Carine Ruszniewski. Through that banner, Lambert notably produced Shola Lynch’s documentary “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners,” which won a prize at Tribeca.

Although Lambert has now parted ways with Ruszniewski, the pair is still developing, with Alain Attal at Les Productions du Tresor, “The Ghosts of Pere Lachaise,” a $24 million Pixar-style animated feature that will be directed by Rémi Salmon and Julien Rossire and is being written by Tonino Benacquista and Mélisa Godet.