AMC will enable A-List subscribers to buy tickets through Fandango and Atom Tickets, the companies announced on Monday.

A-List is AMC’s answer to MoviePass. The subscription-based service lets users see up to three movies per week for the monthly price of $19.95. MoviePass initially attracted millions of customers with its low-cost plan. It allowed users to see a movie-a-day for less than $10 a month at nearly any theater of their choice. But as the company runs low on cash, it keeps changing its terms of use. New MoviePass plans restrict customers to three movies every 30 days.

A-List also offers members greater convenience. They can reserve tickets in advance, and see films in IMAX and 3D. Now, AMC will let users make their reservations through Atom and Fandango, two popular ticketing services. AMC said customers will enter their A-List membership number during checkout and that purchase will be applied to their weekly movie allotment. Online ticketing fees are waived, and AMC said A-List users can buy tickets for guests during the same transaction.

Since launching in June, AMC A-List has attracted 260,000 subscribers. MoviePass still boasts greater market share with three million customers, but it is unclear if its well-publicized money troubles and shifting terms of use have led to any defections.