AMC’s subscription service continues to add customers. The theater chain’s “Moviepass killer” now has 380,000 members, which the exhibitor claims outpaces its internal expectations.

AMC has dubbed the program A-List. The servce lets users see up to three movies per week for $19.95 a month. A-List also lets members reserve tickets in advance, and see films in IMAX and 3D, two features that MoviePass lacks. Earlier this month, AMC said that A-List customers could make their reservations through Atom and Fandango, two popular ticketing services.

MoviePass is still the cheaper option, but its service has changed as the company’s financing has been threatened. When it unveiled a new, low-cost service in 2017 it initially attracted millions of customers and allowed users to see a movie-a-day for less than $10 a month. As the company has teetered on the brink of insolvency, it has placed more restrictions on its service and now limits customers to three movies every 30 days. The same pricing still applies. The company’s 3 million customers dwarfs that of AMC.

AMC said A-List has added 120,000 members during the last six weeks. Cinemark, another theater chain, has also gotten into the subscription business, offering its own subscription program, and industry analysts expect Regal to follow suit.

AMC said that its early analysis indicates that the subscription platform is causing an incremental increase in attendance.