‘Transparent’s’ Alexandra Billings Calls Out Scarlett Johansson Over ‘Rub & Tug’ Controversy

“Transparent” actress Alexandra Billings believes Scarlett Johansson’s apology for casting herself in the role of a transgender man in the upcoming “Rub & Tug” film is not enough. Billings said it’s never been enough from others, though with good intentions, who have apologized for transgressions and trauma inflicted against the LGBT and queer communities.

Billings said by marginalizing the trans community during the casting process, and then failing to apologize until a third wave of criticism, Johansson did damage to the queer community.

“We’re all traumatized in some kind of way because of how we’ve had to survive on this planet,” Billings said.

Billings said Johansson and others often apologize, but do not look for ways to help the communities they have marginalized or silenced. She said Johansson did not use her influence to promote or assist the community.

“When you as a single human being send that kind of reverberation through an entire community, I believe that there’s ownership due,” Billings said. “That’s what I have yet to hear. What portals can she, Scarlett Johansson, open to provide a healing space?”

(NOTE: The statement Billings references in the above video about the “Rub & Tug’s” main character not being trans did not come from Johansson’s team directly, but rather, the production company.)