Gaumont has boarded Christophe Duthuron’s “Tricky Old Dogs,” a feel-good comedy based on Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet’s popular French comicbook “Les vieux fourneaux.”

“Les vieux fourneaux,” which has sold over 1 million copies in France and has been translated into six languages, follows the adventures of Antoine, Emile et Pierrot, three elderly men who have been friends forever in spite of going different paths.

The comic book reminisces the ups and downs of this lively friendship from the 1960’s to the middle of the years 2010’s. The graphic novel also tells with a tragicomic tone social, political and cultural upheavals and crisis.

Gaumont’s movie will follow three politically-incorrect and endearing pensioners who embark on a colorful road trip from France to Tuscany. Pierre Richard (“Mrs. Stein Goes Online”), a veteran comedy actor in France, will star opposite Eddie Mitchell (“Populaire”) and Alice Pol (“R.A.I.D.: Special Unit”).

Radar Films, the company behind the “Belle et Sebastien” franchise, is producing the film. Gaumont is co-producing, handling international sales and will distribute in France.

“‘Tricky Old Dogs’ will certainly travel well because it is based on a well-known comicbook and it’s geared towards mature audiences which represent a great niche of moviegoers,” said Cecile Gaget, head of international distribution and co-production at Gaumont.

“Tricky Old Dogs” will be delivered during the second semester of 2018.