FilmNation has nearly sold out worldwide on Armando Iannucci’s “The Personal History of David Copperfield,” Variety has learned.

The cast includes Oscar-nominee Dev Patel, Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie, Ben Whishaw and Peter Capaldi, the “Doctor Who” star who worked with Capaldi on “In the Loop” and “The Thick of It.” Iannucci recently directed “The Death of Stalin,” a look at the chaotic end of the Soviet dictator’s reign.

The following distributors have acquired the film: Lionsgate (U.K.), Square One (Germany), Roadshow (Australia), The Coup (South Korea), Gaga (Japan), IDC (Latin America), Infotainment (China), Scanbox (Scandinavia), Moviecloud (Taiwan), SPI Intl. (Middle East, former CIS), Italia Film (Middle East), Empire (South Africa), Shaw Renter (Singapore), NOS Luso (Portugal), PVR (India/Pakistan), Bravos Pictures (Hong Kong), Amazon Prime (France), Seven (Greece/Cyprus), Lev Cinemas (Israel), Elite Film (Switzerland), Seven (Greece/Cyprus) and Blue Lantern (Vietnam).

Iannucci, an Oscar-nominee for “In the Loop” and an Emmy-winner for “Veep,” directed and wrote the adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel.

“The Personal History of David Copperfield,” is set in the 1840s and follows the title character from a sad childhood to his emergence as a writer and storyteller. It is one of Dickens’ most autobiographical works and has been adapted on the big and small screens at several different occasions, the most notable of which is a 1935 George Cukor film with W.C. Fields.

In an interview with Variety at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Iannucci outlined his approach to the material. “I’m going to be very true to the spirit of the book and use as much of Dickens’ dialogue as possible, but I want it to feel very contemporary,” he said.

FilmNation’s Cannes slate includes the Jessica Chastain spy thriller “355” and Pedro Almodovar’s “Pain and Glory.” The company is selling U.S. rights to “The Personal History of David Copperfield” with UTA.