‘Tad, the Lost Explorer,’ ‘Lila’s Book,’ ‘Paper Port,’ ‘Tiniest Man’ Among Quirino Award Frontrunners

Event will set a framework collaboration agreement for animation to be included at Ibermedia program

'Tad' and 'Tiniest Man' Nominated For
Ikiru Films

BARCELONA —  “Lila’s Book,” “Paper Port,” “The Tiniest Man in the World” and “Tad, the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas” are among animated features and TV series shortlisted for the inaugural Ibero-American Quirino Awards, which take place on the Canary Island of Tenerife on April 6-7.

Awards range across nine categories: Feature, TV series, short, school short, innovative work, commissioned work, visual development, animation design, and sound design and original music.

Announced Thursday in Madrid, the sector and Ibermedia, a regional fund for multi-lateral productions, will initiate industry consultation with a view to Ibermedia extend its financing to animation in the region via a framework collaboration agreement. This, once in place, would represent key coin for the development and production of generally low-budget animation in the region.

A Paramount acquisition worldwide outside Spain, and the second part of a milestone franchise for the Spanish animation industry, “King Midas” is produced by Mediaset España’s Telecinco Cinema, Telefonica Studios, 4Cats Pictures, Ikiru Films and Lightbox Animation Studios. The adventure-comedy was Spain’s highest grossing national movie of 2017, earning €S17.9 million ($21.8 million) at theaters in the country. The first “Tad the Lost Explorer” grossed about $50 million worldwide, roughly half outside Spain. Directed by Enrique Gato and David Alonso, “King Midas” garnered the largest number of Quirino Awards nominations, scoring nods for best feature, animation design and sound design and original music.

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Sold by Germany’s Sola Media, “Lila’s Book” is produced by Colombia’s Fosfenos Media and Uruguay’s Palero Estudio. The film follows a character in a kids’ storybook who falls out of her paper universe, becoming trapped when her book is lost.

Another contender for best feature is Mexico’s “Ana and Bruno,” directed by Carlos Carrera, director of 2001’s live action blockbuster, ”The Crime of Padre Amaro.” “Ana” tells the story of a girl fleeing from a psychiatric ward, helped by imaginary beings the patients see. A fourth entry, Julio Soto’ underwater action comedy “Deep,” is produced by Spain’s The Thinklab and Kraken Films.

Nominated titles for best TV series include Marcelo Dematei and Carlos Smith’s “Old Folk’s Tales” Season 3, from Colombia’s Hierro Animación and pubcaster Señal Colombia and Spain’s Piaggiodematei, and Álvaro Ceppi and Hugo Covarrubias’ “Paper Port,” produced by Chile’s Zumbastico Studios and public broadcaster TVN, Brazil’s Gloob, Señal Colombia, ANTV, and Argentina’s Pakapaka.

Also in the running is Alex Hidalgo’s “Pocoyo” Season 4, from Spain’s Zinkia Entertainment, and “The Tiniest Man in the World,” directed by celebrated Argentine auteur Juan Pablo Zaramella and produced by Argentina’s Can Can Club and France’s Les Films d’Arlequin and JPL Films.

Spain has scored 12 nominations, followed by Colombia and Mexico with five a piece.

The Quirino Awards include a Co-Production Forum. According to Quirino’s organizers, companies signed up to attend include Brazil’s Gloob/Globosat and public broadcasters such as Señal Colombia, Sweden’s SVT, Spain’s RTVE and Portugal’s RTP. Near 50 animation studios from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Venezuela have also been accredited.

The 1st International Ibero-American Animation Congress runs April 6-7. It will take in lecture and a country-by-country state-of-the-art analysis.

The Quirino Awards take their name from the Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani (1896-1984) who made the first animated feature in history, “The Apostle,” in 1917. They will be awarded at a gala on April 7.




“Ana and Bruno,” (Chile)

“Lila’s Book,” (Colombia, Uruguay”)

“Deep,” (Spain)

“Tad, the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas,” (Spain)



“Old Folk’s Tales” Season 3 (Colombia, Spain)

“Paper Port,” (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina)

“Pocoyo,” Season 4,” (Spain)

“The Tiniest Man in the World,” (Argentina, France)



“Afterwork,” (Ecuador, Spain, Peru)

“Cerulia,” (Mexico)

“Decorado,” (Spain, France)



“A Day in the Park,” (Spain)

“Tantalus,” (Argentina)

“We Are the Immigrants,” (Colombia, U.S.)



“Blank Canvas,” (Spain)

“Mayan Archaeoastronomy: Observers Of The Universe,” (Mexico)

“The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo,” (Spain)



“Sing with Meaning, a Biography of Violeta Parra,” (Chile)

“Solar City: How Energy Gets to You,” (Argentina)

“Uterine Death And Life,” (Brazil)



“Lila’s Book,”

“Here’s the Plan,” (Chile)

“The Aeronauts,” (Mexico)



“Cerulia,” (Mexico)

“Tad, the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas,”

“Way of Giants,” (Brazil)



“Tad, The Lost Explorer and The Secret of King Midas,”

“Way of Giants,”

“The Neverending Wall” (Spain)