One of Europe’s leading film companies, Playtime (formerly Films Distribution) has partnered up with Charles Gillibert’s CG Cinema to co-produce and handle international sales on Olivier Assayas’ anticipated tragicomedy “Non Fiction.”

“Non Fiction,” Assayas’ follow up to Kristen Stewart starrer “Personal Shopper” which earned him a best director award (along with Cristian Mungiu for “Baccalauréat”) at Cannes in 2016, is now shooting in Paris with an appealing cast headlined by Juliette Binoche, Guillaume Canet and Vincent Macaigne.

“Non Fiction” will mark the first collaboration between Assayas, Gillibert and Playtime.

Gillibert said “CG Cinema decided to trust the very well established sales company Playtime to take care of ‘Non Fiction,’ the latest project by Olivier Assayas, one of the most celebrated and prolific European directors in the world.”

Playtime, based in Paris, has over the years cultivated ties with major directors such as Francois Ozon, Anne Fontaine and Claire Denis, as well as talented emerging directors such as Laszlo Nemes whose debut “Son of Saul” won the foreign-language Oscar in 2015 after winning Cannes’s Grand Jury Prize.

“Olivier Assayas is a world-renowned director and one of the handful of European filmmakers who have a name abroad,” said Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Playtime’s co-founder.

Assayas is a “versatile, daring filmmaker with a track record at delivering films which play at prestigious festivals and travel worldwide — he’s shown that he could tackle every genre, from a high-voltage political thriller mini-series like ‘Carlos,’ a sprawling drama like ‘Sils Maria’ and even a supernatural story like “Personal Shopper,'” said Brigaud-Robert, who described “Non Fiction” as a “highbrow, Parisian bittersweet comedy showcasing a sexy cast and witty dialogues.”

In “Non Fiction,” Assayas gives a light-hearted and ironic look at the rapidly-changing world of book publishing through the relationship between an editor (Canet) and an author (Macaigne) who are both in over their heads, struggling to cope with their middle-age crisis, the digital transformation of the publishing industry and their wives’s (Binoche, and Nora Hamzawi, respectively) changing desires.

Speaking about the project at Locarno last year, Assayas said “Non Fiction” would be a film about “how we adapt or don’t adapt to the way the world’s changing.”

“I’ve always been interested in the capacity of cinema to capture the world as it is changing. Transformation is one of the themes of filmmaking and always has been because of the documentary nature of cinema,” said Assayas, who wrote the script alone.

“Non Fiction is expected to be delivered in the Spring.