Gaumont and Contents Panda, the international business subsidiary of Next Entertainment World (“Train to Busan”) are joining forces on “The Beast,” a Korean remake of Olivier Marchal’s “36,” the stylish French thriller starring Gérard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil.

Produced by Studio&NEW, the production company subsidiary of NEW, the remake will depict the confrontation between two strong-willed rival detectives with different methods who are trying to solve the murder of a missing girl after discovering her cold, limbless body in the tidelands of Incheon. Lee Jeong-ho is set to direct the movie which will start shooting this month. Lee Sung-min, You Chea-myung and Jeon Hye-jin are starring in “The Beast.”

Contents Panda handles sales to Asian territories and Gaumont represents the movie for the rest of the world. “The Beast” reteams Gaumont with NEW which are already working on the remake of “Train to Busan.”

“A story about greed, emotion, justice, that depicts human instincts in extreme circumstances and explores the most extreme of human emotions, as well as love and friendship, betrayal and forgiveness,” said Gaumont and NEW in a joint statement.

NEW said “The Beast” will strive to be as strong as the original film which is “one of the great crime noirs.”

Gaumont, meanwhile, called NEW “one of the most creative partners in Korea” and expects “The Beast” to “attract many buyers at this AFM.”