Berlin sales agent Picture Tree Intl. has closed additional sales on “Fack Ju Goehte 3,” the latest installment in the German high-school comedy franchise that has grossed more than $250 million in total.

Distribution deals on the third film include M6 in France, Palace Entertainment in Australia, 2i Film D.O.O. for former Yugoslavia, A-Z Films for French Canada, Big Bang Media in Hungary, Cinemart A.S. in Czech Republic/Slovakia, Voxell Baltic SIA in the CIS countries, and HBO in Poland.

Picture Tree is in talks with buyers for China, the U.S., Latin America, Italy, Spain and Southeast Asia. The company is aiming to sell the rest of the world on all three films in the franchise as a package.

The films, produced and released in Germany by Constantin Film, have struck a nerve with young moviegoers with their mix of politically incorrect, laugh-out-loud comedy and burning social issues such as poor education, bullying and immigration.

Like the first two movies, the latest installment from writer-director Bora Dagtekin centers on cynical ex-con-turned-teacher Zeki Mueller, played again by Elyas M’Barek. In this film he tries to make sure his rowdy students pass final exams while facing the possible closure of his school because of its disastrous conditions.