Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights to Bruno Gascon’s high-concept feature debut “Carga,” a human trafficking thriller with Polish star Michalina Olszanska, Victor Norte and Sara Sampiao.

Shot in English, Russian and Portuguese, “Carga” is being represented in international markets by Paris-based company Wide Management.

Olszanska headlines the film as a woman searching for a better life who gets caught in a dangerous web of human trafficking after crossing paths with a truck driver. “(“Carga”) paints the situation of vulnerable yet fiercely strong women, who are compelled into service for commercial sex through force, fraud and coercion,” said Wide Management’s head of sales Danya Hannah who negotiated the deal with Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff.

Richard Ross, co-president of Breaking Glass, said the film was “intense, harrowing and genuinely suspenseful.”

“Gascon’s superb feature debut tells a contemporary tale of survival in the harsh world of sex trafficking,” Ross added.

Gascon said that when he wrote Carga’s script, he “wanted to approach the material with sensitivity, and for the film to be human and realistic.”

“We’re really proud and happy with Carga’s journey,” said producer Joana Domingues. “Our company’s focus is to work with talented directors like Bruno Gascon in films that can make a difference, and Carga is for sure one of those movies.”

The movie was produced by Joana Domingues at Caracol Studios, and executive produced by Tim Vieira and Hugo Mendonca.