Bac Films has come on board “We Need Your Vote,” a comedy set in the French political world directed by Mathieu Sapin, a high-profile French comicbook artist.

Sapin wrote the graphic novel “Le Château – Une année dans les coulisses de l’Élysée” (The Castle – a year behind the scenes at the Elysée”). He knows well France’s political environment, having spent 12 months following the campaign of former France President Francois Hollande in 2012.

“We Need Your Vote” stars well-known French actrice Alexandra Lamy (“Stand Up”) as Agnes, a ruthless communications manager for the campaign of a presidential candidate, and Finnegan Oldfield (“Marvin”), as Arnaud, a young, bright and inexperienced staffer who joins Agnes’s team. Although he is new to this intrepid world, Arnaud is able to navigate between the twists of the campaign, the rivalries inside the team, and unexpectedly outsmarts his own boss, Agnes.

“Sapin is one of the country’s most celebrated comicbook artist and his film, ‘We Need Your Vote,’ is very sharply written and gives audiences a real and rare insight into the highest circles of France’s political field,” said Gilles Sousa, head of international sales at Bac Films, who compared the film to “The French Minister,” Bertrand Tavernier’s political comedy based on the comicbook “Quai d’Orsay.”

The film is being produced by Bac Films Production and Pyramide Productions. Bac is representing international sales and is kicking off pre-sales at the UniFrance Rendez-Vous with French Cinema in Paris which takes place this week.