BUENOS AIRES — In another Hollywood studio deal unveiled at Ventana Sur, Sony Pictures Television has expanded its multi-territory deal on Marcos Carnevale’s “Inseparables” (Inseparable) to take in four new major territories: France, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

Sony Pictures Television already holds all TV/VOD rights for Latin America and all rights for México, Chile and Colombia on “Inseparable,” an Argentine remake of the Gaumont-sold French box office colossus “The Intouchables.” An odd couple, across-the-tracks friendship dreamed directed by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache and starring Omar Sy, “The Intuchables” grossed $427 million worldwide, including $166 million in Franceand, almost as remarkable, $79 million in Germany.

Produced by Luis Alberto Scalella’s Argentina Sono Film and soon to be Viacom-owned Argentine TV network Telefe, “Inseparable” is directed by Marco Carnevale whose credits include big Argentine hits such as “Elsa & Fred” and  “Heart of a Lion.” Premiered at the 2016 Venice Festival, “Inseparable” maintains the key scenes of the original and it’s narrative arc – the odd couple buddy dramedy, a man with absolutely no qualifications to be a caregiver reawakens a joie de vivre in his tetraplegic patient.

The Argentine version is once more carried by two great actors, Oscar Martínez, who would go on to win best actor at Venice for his performance in “The Distinguished Citizen,” and the appreciable Rodrigo de la Serna, who played opposite Gael García Bernal in Walter Salles’ “The Motorcycle Diaries.”

Martínez shows his character’s emotions far more than François Cluzet’s character; De la Serna is white, the racial ostracism (and typecasting) of the original being replaced by a social ostracism due to his working-class origins and social insignificance. As in the original, this makes him, the quadriplegic’s haughty retinue at first opines, totally unsuitable to look after their millionaire ward.

Disney’s Buena Vista Intl. released the remake in its home territory of Argentina where it sold a creditable 350,000 tickets from an August 2016 theatrical bow. Some Argentine critics hailed it as better than the original, though this could be patriotism talking.

“It’s an honor to close a new deal and keep our strong relationship with Sony Pictures Television, one of the most pleasant companies  to work with in the industry,” said FilmSharks Intl. founder Guido Rud.

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