On Friday at the Tribeca Film Festival Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she enjoys New York City’s subway, 16-day film shoots and “had no idea” her “Sex and the City” co-star Cynthia Nixon was going to run for New York Governor.

Parker, who was being interviewed by sports broadcaster Mary Carillo as part of the Tribeca Talks series, also revealed that she’s known Nixon since she was 11. The duo competed for various role in their youth.

“She got most of them,” Parker quipped.

The thesp, who lives and runs her production company Pretty Matches out of Manhattan, added that she is “proud” of Nixon running for New York Governor.

“I think she’s already been good for the conversation,” said Parker. “This is what’s exciting about primaries. People can inspire an incumbent to reconsider a policy, or just have a robust conversation.”

In addition to Nixon, Parker discussed her long and steady career across multiple platforms in Broadway, film, television, fashion and the literary world. She was keen to discuss her first film in three years, “Blue Night,” which debuted at the fest earlier this week.

The actress said she considers shooting the film in just 16 days “one of the great professional experiences of my life. I’m not certain I ever need more than 16 days to make a movie anymore.”

The film follows Vivienne (Parker), a singer in New York City, whose world is shattered after she receives some bad news.

When asked what she has in common with her SATC character Carrie Bradshaw as well as her “Divorce” character, Frances Dufresne, the star said: “looks.”

“There are parts of each of the characters I play that are somewhat familiar,” she said. “Carrie loved New York City. I do too. Her friendships are really important to her as our mine. Frances is a mother and I can relate to that and how deeply joyful that experience is even though sometimes it is seemingly impossible.”

The star also revealed that she was surprised when “Divorce” premièred in 2016 that the discussion surrounding Frances was whether or not she was likable.

“I was struck by it and not without emotional response to it because I found that the reasons  people were giving (for not liking her) would not really be applied to a man,” Parker said. “I didn’t worry about if she was likable or not because she was human and I liked her. And she had a story to tell that is not unfamiliar to people.”

In addition to starring in the HBO show, Parker also produces via her production company Pretty Matches. The shingle’s name stems from a line thesp had in “The Little Match Girl” in 1974.

“It was the only line I had,” Parker said before repeating the line. “Matches! Matches! Pretty matches!”