Santiago Segura’s ‘Sin Rodeos’ Sets Bar for 2018 Spanish Bows

The second of three remakes from Nicolás López's ‘No Filter,’ ‘Sin Rodeos’ kept the ‘Filter’ mojo going

Santiago Segura, Cristina Pedroche, Toni Acosta,
Fco. Javier Castillo/MARINA PRESS/REX/Shutterstock

Chile’s Nicolás López continues to cement his reputation as a filmmaker worth emulating. His 2016 box office hit “No Filter” topped the Chilean box office in its first week, its Mexican remake, “A Woman Without Filter” premiered at number two in that country, only trailing local boy Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water.”

Now the Spanish remake, “Sin Rodeos,” has followed suit, earning the No. 2 spot in the Spanish box office, while pulling in the highest box office of 2018 for a Spanish film.

In its first week, “Sin Rodeos” had earned just short of €1.3 million ($1.6 million), behind only Jennifer Lawrence’s “Red Sparrow,” also in its first week, which finished with a Spanish box office of €1.66 million ($2.04 million).

On “Sin Rodeos,” Lopez and his long-time production partner Miguel Asensio Llamas executive produced through their company Sobras International, while Argentina’s Film Sharks is handling international sales, and sales of the rights to any future remakes of “No Filter.”

In a heavyweight incorporation to the remake franchise, “Torrente” blockbuster comedy actor-director Santiago Segura writes, directs and plays a small role in the film. Well-respected dramatic actress Maribel Verdú played the lead. She is best known for her work in Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning “Pan’s Labyrinth,” and Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar- nominated “Y Tu Mamá También.”

Segura told Variety that he has been a fan of López’s work since his 2004 feature debut “Promedio Rojo,” where he plays a cameo.

“When I saw ‘No Filter’ I loved it,” said Segura, “It seemed like a magnificent comedy that I could take to my territory and give it a Spanish taste. I don’t think there is anyone who at some point in their life has not felt what the protagonist feels.”

“I grew up watching ‘Torrente’,” López said, referring to Segura’s popular comedy-action films. “So seeing him adapting my material has been the dream of fan.”

As for casting Verdú, both felt fortunate to land the star.

“She is a sensational actress,” said Segura, “I thought she could do anything that was proposed, so I suggested a comedy. I was very lucky that she said yes.”

López acknowledged the outside-the-box casting saying, “Maribel and Santiago are an unlikely pair, and I love that. Nobody has seen Maribel in a broad comedy like this one and the audience loved it.”

An Argentine remake titled “Reloca” featuring Natalia Oreiro, is currently in production.

“Sin Rodeos’” first weekend box office comes as Lopez’s longtime script supervisor Gabriela Sobarzo has been set to direct the first remake of “Do it Like an Hombre” called “Hazte Hombre” (Do it Man), which is set up in Chile, Lopez said.

The original “Hombre” was a large Mexican success, pulling in $130.3 million pesos ($7.4 million) in its first two weeks.

Segura was even more ambitious with his future plans however, saying: “I’m thinking about a role in my good friend Guillermo del Toro’s next film. Even if he doesn’t know it yet.”

Del Toro and Segura have played cameos in each other films, so it might not be too much of an ask.