Cannes: Pink Parrot Nabs Worldwide Sales to Toon Feature ‘Butterfly Tale’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Canada's CarpeDiem teams with Germany's Ulysses to co-produce the family adventure project

Pink Parrot Nabs Worldwide Sales to
Pink Parrot Media

New international distribution house Pink Parrot Media has picked up worldwide sales rights to animated feature “Butterfly Tale,” co-produced by Canada’s CarpeDiem (“Snowtime!”) and Germany’s Ulysses (“Ooops! Noah Is Gone”).

Produced by Marie-Claude Beauchamp and Sophie Roy at CarpeDiem, and Ulysses’ Emely Christians, the animated project will be completed by late 2020. It follows two mismatched young butterfly foes that develop an unlikely friendship.

The Montreal- and Madrid-based sales house was launched last fall by Beauchamp, who is also CarpeDiem founder. Sales executive Tania Pinto Da Cunha joined the company in January as vice president.

Pink Parrot aims to bring to the international market its executives’ expertise and knowledge of family entertainment, primarily focusing on handling CGI toon features.

Another project on Pink Parrot’s Cannes lineup is “What a Circus!”, a crazy animal-based family toon feature produced by France’s Label Anim, scheduled to be completed early 2021. According to Da Cunha, “What a Circus!” has clinched a first pre-sale deal with China.

Further Pink Parrot acquisitions take in “Arjuna,” a 3D animated movie inspired by the Ganesh and Arjuna tales from India, which CarpeDiem co-produces with France’s Favola Films.

During the Cannes Film Market, Pink Parrot has packaged a co-production between Favola and China for 2D stereoscopic movie “Leaving the Nest,” the story of Max and his daughter Chloe, who share the same foolhardy dream: to fly like a bird.

“This coming-of-age story carries important values, of faith, courage and determination, all experienced by this touching young girl,” Beauchamp said.