Cannes: Spain’s Babieka and Partners Promote Navarra Film Studios (EXCLUSIVE)

New Facility builds on Navarre's 35% tax credits, biggest film and TV incentive in country's mainland

Cannes: Spain's Babieka and Partners Promote

Babieka Films, one of Spain’s top production services providers for international shoots, has teamed with videogames entrepreneur Ignacio Navas and company La Noche Americana to promote a new film and TV facility in the country, the Navarra Film Studios.

Set in the Western Pyrenees region of Navarre, Navarra Film Studios aims to supply production services to the growing demand of film and TV shoots, boosted by Navarre’s attractive tax incentives policy.

Spain lacks a high-profile film and TV studio facility, especially since Alicante’s Ciudad de la Luz complex ceased its activity in 2012.

Supported by the Navarre regional government, the new studios will focus on three business areas: Tax incentives, sound stages and tech services.

The region of Navarre allows access to a 35% corporate tax deduction for foreign and Spanish production shooting there, the biggest tax advantages on Spain’s mainland.

“With the tax incentives Navarre offers, what the region needs now are sound stages that cover big size international shoots demands,” said Babieka‘s Denis Pedregosa.

Apart from enabling projects to benefit from the 35% tax credit while providing sound stages to allocate some of their 25% required spend -for Spanish shoots- the studios will also give weather cover for films shooting exteriors in the region.

The new facility is set in Southern Navarre, near the Bardenas Reales’ badlands, a longterm shooting locale, where recently Terry George filmed the Oscar Isaac-starrer historical drama “The Promise,” serviced by Babieka, and HBO shot striking desert scenes for “Game of Thrones” Season 6.

The Navarra Film Studios’ construction will start by the end of the summer, kicking-off with a 2,500 square meters sound stage -with a minimum height of 14 meters – and is scheduled to be operative by the fall.

“The complex has been designed under a scalability approach. There is room to build ten more sound stages, but we want to be cautious, growing according to market needs,” Pedregosa said.

The technological stages, especially boosted by Ignacio Navas, founder of videogames development studio Mercury Steam Entertainment, will focus on motion capture, green screen and VR, for videogames and other audiovisual projects. It is estimated to be ready in first quarter 2019.

La Noche Americana’s partners take in Navarre-born filmmaker Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini (“Mami Blue”).

Recent standout productions tapping into Navarre tax credits also encompass Cannes’ closing film, Terry Gilliam’s “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,” produced by Tornasol Films.