Eduardo Costantini’s Kabinett Launches Streaming Platform (EXCLUSIVE)

The highly selective streaming service positions as a new talent high art production-distribution hub

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New York-based Kabinett — the new tech start-up of producer (“Elite Squad”) and Mubi co-founder Eduardo Costantini Jr. — has launched a global streaming platform.

Focusing on exclusive short-form films, video art and music vids, Kabinett will license content from record labels, art institutions and artists themselves and also produce original content. It looks set to become an emerging talent hub for the movie industry’s arthouse sector.

Kabinett’s key strategy is less is more. Its central feature, The Screening Room, showcases just 16 video pieces, some as short as nine minutes, such as Daniel Kruglikov’s music vid of Sean Lennon’s jungle-set allegory “Moth to a Flame.”

It will release on average just one new work every week. More interactive, but still curated, a second Kabinett feature, The Journal, allows end-users to upload unique content and dialog on other works.

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“We want to discover talent and emerging artists from anywhere in this world; hence the curatorial approach,” Costantini said.

Founded by Costantini who, as a film producer, won a 2008 Berlin Golden Bear  for “Elite Squad,” directed by “Narcos” creator José Padilha, Kabinett will make two new pieces available on Feb. 18.

From Russian collective AES + F, “Psychosis,” mixes near Dali-esque images, set to music by Brahms and with a juddering electronic score. One image is of blood bag racks whose tubes grow into intertwining blood branches. As a whole, “Pyschosis“ projects a sense of malaise, illness and doom.”

“The imagery is dark and rich in symbolism that is thrilling to dissect,” Costantini commented.

The second, “Before Music There is Blood,” is a 51-minute multi-channel video installation piece shot in conservatories in Shanghai, Naples, and St. Petersburg, Russia from a director already featured on The Screening Room France’s Eponine Momenceau who, in a rare venture into feature filmmaking, served as cinematographer on “Deephan,” Jacques Audiard’s Cannes Palme d’Or winning drama.

Set to the music of the music of Soundwalk Collective, combining abstract images and isolated shots with little hint of setting – hands playing a piano, a window, leaves – “Before Music There is Blood” talks about the universal language of music, Kabinett notes explained.


“The first time I viewed a piece created by AES+F, was during Art Fair week in New York. The experience was mind-altering,” Costantini recalled.  That is exactly the reaction Kabinett is meant to elicit as it plays off a broadening of audiences’ senses of what now constitutes acceptable industry entertainment formats, in length and content.

“This is for people that enjoy going to a museum like MOMA or the Tate in London, crossing different arts, including film, at one and the same time,” said Costantini, a co-producer on Guillermo Arriaga’s “The Burning Plain” which won Jennifer Lawrence a Venice festival Marcello Mastroianni supporting actress award.

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