Directed by “La Casa Muda’s” Gustavo Hernández and starring “The Orphanage’s” Belén Rueda, “No dormirás” (“You Shall Not Sleep”) continues to rack up new major territory sales for FilmSharks Intl. as, released from January, it raises the box office bar for a Latin American genre movie in South America.

Produced among others by Pablo Bossi (“Nine Queens”), “You Shall Not Sleep” is one major highlight at Thursday’s Blood Window showcase Latin American Genre Films Today.

Also starring Spain’s double-Goya winner Natalia de Molina (“Living is Easy With Eyes Closed,” “Food and Shelter” and Argentina’s Eva de Dominici (“La Fragilidad de los Cuerpos”), “You Shall Not Sleep” is set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where a radical theater group experiments with insomnia, falling prey to the place’s dark energies.

The building supernatural chiller caught attention last August when 20th Century Fox stepped in to acquire rights to the U.S., most of Latin America and German-speaking territories.

Receiving its international premiere at the recent Tribeca Festival, “You Shall Not Sleep” has now been sold by FilmSharks Intl. to AT Entertainment for Japan, Sycomad for Korea and StarCastle for Mexico, Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia. On other unannounced sales, FilmSharks has also closed with Antenna for Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. A Chinese deal, which includes theatrical release, is imminent, said FilmSharks’ Guido Rud, who executive produces.

Announced territories closed include Spain, where Filmax will bow “You Shall Not Sleep” on June 15, and France, where it is released by Eurozoom on May 16.

Bowing in Argentina on Jan. 12, “You Shall Not Sleep” set a new record for an Argentine genre movie, earning $523,962, a sum way above grosses for near all foreign art films.

“The film has been welcomed worldwide because of its unique story line and fast-paced plot which submerge spectators into scenes unseen in genre cinema in years,” said FilmSharks Intl.’s Guido Rud.