FilmSharks Intl. has closed Italy with Sony and France with ProgramStore, among new major territories, on Rafael Ribas’ animated feature “Lino 3D,” a comedy-adventure produced by Brazil’s Start Anima and Fox Intl. Prods.

The licensing pacts add to announced deals for Russia/CIS (Big Film) and South Korea (Hammer Pictures). Greece (Tanweer), Turkey (Sinema) and Vietnam (Skyline) are also sold, and the U.S., Germany, China and Middle East are under advanced discussions, said FilmSharks Intl.’s Guido Rud.

20th Century Fox has retained rights to Latin America.

“Lino 3D” turns on a luckless children’s party entertainer who performs in a tacky cat’s outfit. Wanting a change in life, he is transformed by an bumbling wizard into a man-sized cat — with his ghastly costume as its fur.

Leading the voice cast is one of Brazil’s biggest stars, actor-director Selton Mello, just seen in Globo’s “Thirteen Days Away From the Sun” produced by Fernando Meirelles’ o2 Filmes.