Two Japanese films, “Another World” and “Just Only Love” have been selected for the main competition section at next month’s Tokyo International Film Festival. “Both these films represent inspired Japanese film making,” said competition programmer Yoshi Yatabe.

Directed by Junji Sakamoto, “Another World” is a life-affirming drama about the friendship of three old friends and a married couple. The main character, in particular, has difficulty relating to family matters. The cast includes Goro Inagaki and Chizuru Ikewaki.

Tangled loves and obsession are the main strands of “Just Only Love,” directed by Rikiya Imaizumi, a filmmaker who has made a career from romantic dramedies. “Just Only Love” is adapted from a novel by female writer Mitsuyo Kakuta.

Organizers previously announced that the festival will open with Bradley Cooper’s Lady Gaga-starring “A Star is Born.” It will close with “Godzilla: The Planet Eater.” Co-directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita, the creature feature is the third and final part in the animated “Godzilla” trilogy.

The festival will announce its full line-up, including the balance of its 16-title competition section, next week. The festival, which runs from Oct. 25 to Nov. 3, reports that some 1,829 films from 109 countries were submitted for consideration by selectors.