Tokyo Ghoul 2,” the sequel to the hit 2017 Kentaro Hagiwara dark action fantasy, started production this month, distributor Shochiku revealed. The film is set for release next year with Shochiku distributing.

Masataka Kubota stars as a college student Kaneki who becomes a “half ghoul” after being bitten by one of the flesh-eating creatures. He lives uneasily in the ghoul world, while trying to cling to his remaining humanity.

He is joined by new main cast members Shota Matsuda (“Dias Police”), who plays a sketchy ghoul, called Gourmet, and Maika Yamamoto (“Assassination Classroom”), who plays a server at a ghoul café and becomes a fighting ally.

Based on a hit comic by Sui Ichida that has sold 27 million copies worldwide in paperback edition, “Tokyo Ghoul” and its sequel are set in an alternative world where ghouls – entities who look like humans but survive on human flesh – live in hiding.  Meanwhile hunters in the employ of the government are engaged in tracking and destroying the ghouls, who have superhuman strength and abilities.

In the sequel, Gourmet encounters Kaneki at the café and detects a human smell about him. Gourmet invites Kaneki to dine at a special restaurant, but Kaneki may find himself on the menu.