New accusations of rape and predatory sexual behavior have been made against controversial South Korean film director Kim Ki-duk.

Three actresses made the new accusations on investigative news show “PD’s Notebook,” which was broadcast on Korean public broadcaster MBC on Tuesday evening. All three made their claims anonymously.

Following the allegations, local distributor N.E.W. said that it had indefinitely postponed the Korean theatrical release of Kim’s latest movie “Human, Space, Time and Human.” The film played last month in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival.

One of the three women who spoke to “PD’s Notebook” was the same actress who previously accused Kim of sexual assault, alleging that he slapped her on the first day of filming “Moebius” in 2014. Kim maintains that he was instructing the actress on her role.

A court hearing in December dismissed the sex assault charge, but ordered Kim to pay a $4,700 (KRW5,000) fine. The actress subsequently led a social media campaign against the Berlinale, which she accused of hypocrisy for supporting the #MeToo movement while inviting Kim and “Human.”

On the MBC show, the actress made new claims against Kim. She said that during pre-production, Kim constantly pestered her for sex and blocked her in her room with another actress. She refused his advances, and said her refusal led to her being fired from the movie.

Another actress said she endured a similar situation, with a worse outcome. “Director Kim and [actor] Cho Jae-hyun and his manager knocked on the door of my room like hyenas every night. When I was alone, I was so scared…due to the anxiety that anyone might come to visit me,” she said.

She alleged that she was raped by Kim and Cho. She said Cho’s manager also attempted to rape her. “Since [Kim] was always obsessed with [sex], he seemed to make films for it,” she said.

Kim is believed to currently be in Hong Kong. He was unavailable for comment.

For more than a decade Kim has been making cutting edge films such as “Moebius” and “The Isle” that have often played on themes of sex or violence. He was also accused of animal cruelty in the making of “The Isle.” Most of his films have been selected for festivals. His “Pieta” won the Golden Lion at Venice in 2012, while “Pieta” and “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring” were both selected as South Korea’s foreign-language Oscar contender.