South Korea’s CJ E&M has launched a specialty film label, 413 Pictures specializing in the international thriller and horror genres. The new unit’s name reflects the numbers 4 and 13, which are considered unlucky in the East and West, respectively.

“We aim to target the fast-growing U.S. thriller-horror market efficiently, and, in the long term, hope to establish a foothold as a specialty production label for thrillers and horror flicks in the way that Blumhouse Production and New Line,” said CJ in a statement.

413 Pictures’ lineup includes the English-language remakes of “Hide and Seek” and “The Housemaid” for the North American market. Directed by Joel David Moor, the English version of 2013 crime thriller “Hide and Seek” is set to start production in October. The new version of “Housemaid,” originally a Korea-Vietnam co-production that was the highest-grossing film in Vietnam, is being scripted by Geoffrey Shawn Fletcher.

In Thailand, original local-language horror title, “A Portrait of a Lady” is set to start production in October. “Portrait” will be written by screenwriter Eakasit Thairaat, and be directed by commercials director Surapong Ploensang.

“Horror and thriller are the genres that require relatively low budget but have the potential to proliferate globally through Hollywood, as long as the idea is strong,” said Jerry Kyoungboum Ko, CJ’s head of international. “We will expand to the global market by producing thrillers and horror films with an unique Eastern view.”