The Korean tentpoles which dominated the Chuseok week, continued to rule the South Korean box office over the latest weekend.

Costume action drama “The Great Battle” remained on top, accounting for 43% of the weekend total. The Next Entertainment World release earned $6.43 million between Friday and Sunday for a total of $35 million from 4.53 million admissions after two weekends on release.

CJ Entertainment’s “The Negotiation” climbed to second spot from the previous week’s third. The crime drama earned $2.99 million, for a two-weekend total of $13.7 million. Megabox’s “Fengshui” slipped to third from second, with a week-on-week drop of 58%. The costume drama earned $1.9 million for a total of $15.3 million after two weekends.

Korean independent release, “The Soul-mate” landed in fourth. Opening on Wednesday, the comedy earned $2.81 million over five days. Starring Don Lee (“Train to Busan”), “Soul-mate” revolves around a judo instructor who becomes haunted by a dead police officer’s soul. The top four films together accounted for 85% of the weekend total.

Horror film, “The Nun” slipped to fifth place from the previous week’s fourth, incurring a week-on-week drop of 68%. The Warner Bros. title earned $947,000 for a total of $7.55 million after two weekends. Sony’s “Searching” also dropped to sixth. The John Cho-starring drama earned $471,000 to extend its total to $22.5 million after five weekends.