Much-loved Hong Kong actresses, Sammi Cheung and Gigi Leung star in the upcoming, untitled film by auteur Stanley Kwan (“Center Stage,” “Lan Yu,” “Rouge”).

The story focuses on an actress who is past her prime attempting to make a comeback, only to discover that she is to be acting alongside her biggest rival. The film is currently in post-production and set for an autumn festival launch ahead of a commercial release in the last quarter of this year or early 2019.

The picture is the highlight of a new slate of films being hatched by Hong Kong distributor, investor and sales agent Golden Scene.

Other recent additions include: “Napping Kid,” an unconventional heist film directed by Amos Why (“Dot 2 Dot”), which is also in post-production; and “Lion Rock,” a fact-based sports drama. The action follows a former professional mountaineer who becomes disabled, but defies the odds and his handicaps to climb Lion Rock, the iconic mountain that towers over Hong Kong. Direction is by Nick Leung.

Matthew Chow and Yuen Kin-to (“McDull: Prince de la Bun”) are also in pre-production on “Sherlock Holmes,” an animated version of the Sherlock Holmes story from the comics of Lai Ho.

Completed pictures include “Adieu,” and “Distinction,” which both get market screenings in FilMart on Wednesday.

Golden Scene is also handling sales on the “Ten Years” franchise movies, which were launched in Busan last year. The concept of the original film, in which a handful of Hong Kong film makers each imagined life in ten years in their home town, is now being reinvented in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.