Actor-director-producer Eric Tsang says he has taken legal action against Grace Han, one of the leading figures in the modeling industry in Greater China. Han recently accused Tsang of making unwanted sexual advances to women in showbiz.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, Tsang continued to deny the alleged rape of former actress Yammie Lam and said Han’s allegations that he took advantage of women at an event were defamatory.

“The report about the rape of Yammie Lam was fabricated. I respect women. If there is any investigation that requires my assistance, I’m willing to cooperate,” said Tsang, who was accompanied to the press conference by his lawyers. “I’m determined to defend myself with legal measures and I have taken action against Ms. Han’s accusations.”

Last week, a video interview of Lam, previously published by Next Magazine, in which she said she was raped by two powerful Hong Kong actors two decades ago, resurfaced on China’s social media. Tsang was named as one of the actors who allegedly raped Lam.

Han, former head of the Ford Modelling agency in Asia, said on her social media account that it was not the first time Tsang had made unwanted sexual advances to women in showbiz. Han alleged that one of the models she trained narrowly escaped harm from Tsang and his friends – believed to be from the All Stars Sports Association – who allegedly spiked models’ drinks in a Hong Kong karaoke bar.

Tsang said the alleged incident was already the subject of a 2006 defamation suit that he won. “We already cleared our name. But after all these years, people still bring this up,” he said.

Tsang said he would not address the issue further. “I want to put the cyber-bullying to an end,” he said.