Dwayne Johnson-starring “Rampage” is set to get a theatrical release in mainland China on April 13. That sets it as a day-and-date release coordinated with outings in most other territories.

The news was announced on Sunday by Johnson on his personal Twitter and Instagram feeds. They included a nearly two-minute video from the ebullient star.

“Ni Hao. Obviously your boy is still working on perfecting his Mandarin, but I’m excited to be the first to share the BIG NEWS that our movie RAMPAGE is coming to your theaters APRIL13,” Johnson said on Twitter.

Directed by Brad Peyton and produced through New Line Cinema, the film has its first commercial release in the U.K. on April 11, with further releases in Europe a day later. North America releases the film April 13, but given the significant time differences, the Chinese debut will actually be half a day ahead of the stateside outing. As a revenue-sharing import, its release in China will likely be handled through state-backed distributors.

Johnson is a big draw in China – as elsewhere – and was star of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” the top-scoring Hollywood film this year in the Middle Kingdom.

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