Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” continued the dinosaurs’ reign at the top of the Chinese box office on Friday. “Incredibles 2” opened in second place.

Holdover, “Jurassic World” bit out $8.31 million on Friday. That represented a 73% drop compared with its $31 million opening day, on Friday last week, which put it on course for the fourth best opening weekend by a Hollywood movie in China. But after eight days on release, the film has a mighty cumulative score of $178 million, according to Chinese data service Ent Group.

“Incredibles 2,” managed a more timid $4.65 million, and will not challenge “Coco” for Pixar’s record in the Middle Kingdom. “Incredibles 2” played some 75,000 screenings on Friday, compared with the 99,000 sessions for “Jurassic World.”

In terms of market share, “Jurassic World” enjoyed 47% on Friday, with “Incredibles 2” taking 26%. In third place, Chinese comedy actioner, “Lobster Cop” earned $2.77 million, with a 16% share of aggregate Friday revenues.

Afternoon figures on Saturday, continued the trend. They showed “Jurassic World” holding first place with a 44% share, ahead of “Incredibles 2,” with 31%, and Michael Douglas-starring Chinese film “Animal World” in third spot with 11%. The film had been set as the opening title of the Shanghai International Film Festival and will be released by Netflix in multiple other territories.