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How Steven Spielberg Used VR Headsets to Shoot ‘Ready Player One’ (Video)

Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” isn’t just an ode to virtual reality (VR), the famed director also used VR headsets to work on the film. A new video, released by HTC on Twitter Friday morning, shows how the company’s headsets were used by Spielberg himself as well as some of the actors on set.

The idea to use VR for the production of movies isn’t entirely new. Film makers have and VR developers have in particular been looking for ways to use headsets for pre-visualization — the raw animated versions of movie scenes that give directors a first idea on how sets are coming together, and how actors will move through a space.

Last month, Disney Research even unveiled a new project that is designed to automatically turn scripts into VR pre-visualizations. That project, dubbed Cardinal, combines artificial intelligence with VR, and is currently focused on VR-specific film productions. However,  Disney Research digital platforms group lead Sasha Schriber said that her group was looking to possibly bring the technology to traditional productions over time as well.

As for “Ready Player One,” the movie has been regarded by many VR enthusiasts as a possible stepping stone to a wider VR adoption. HTC’s partnership with Warner Bros. also involves a few VR experiences based on the film, and other VR companies have produced their own versions of the film’s VR worlds as well.

Some of these efforts aren’t quite as elegant as the VR Oasis depicted in the movie, but Spielberg’s use of VR headsets to film “Ready Player One” goes to show once again that the technology of the film isn’t as futuristic as it seems.

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