Reddit has recruited a digital media insider for a key exec position: Jen Wong, who most recently served as president of digital and COO of Time Inc., is joining Reddit as its new COO, the company announced Thursday.

“Jen is a seasoned digital veteran and successful executive at some of the biggest media companies in the world, her experience and vision will help carry Reddit’s momentum forward in the years to come,” said Reddit CEO Steve Huffman in a statement.

Before joining Reddit, Wong worked for over two years at Time Inc. as president of digital and COO. Among other things, she headed the Foundry, the company’s branded content studio. Before that, Wong served for over 4 years as Popsugar’s Chief Business Officer, and for close to 2 years as AOL Media’s global head of business operations.

Wong’s new gig will have her oversee the company’s business strategy out if its New York offices. A key part of that work will be building out Reddit’s advertising platform, as well as strengthening diversity and inclusion within the company.

Reddit has a community unlike any other on the internet, where people can be themselves and have authentic conversations,” Wong said in a statement. “This honesty can be intimidating, whether you’re a new user or an advertiser, but I believe it’s not only the reason behind Reddit’s success, but the future of the internet as a whole.”