Pandora’s premium subscription tier went live on the web Thursday, giving subscribers who pay $10 a month full access to a Spotify-like experience on their desktop computers. The launch of the new web experience comes about a year after the company first launched its premium service on mobile devices.

Premium users can use the new web experience to search for and listen to individual songs as well as entire albums. They can also access their music library and edit and listen to playlists. This also includes Pandora’s playlist-generation feature, which automatically populates playlists with matching songs based on the service’s music genome database.

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Courtesy of Pandora

Pandora first launched its $10 premium tier in March of 2017. The company initially marketed the new premium tier aggressively to compete with Spotify and Apple Music, but has since dialed back these efforts. Instead, Pandora is now treating Premium more as a defensive move to keep users who want more than just personalized radio from abandoning the service.

In addition, Pandora has also been bringing some of its premium features to its free users, allowing them to access limited on-demand functionality after watching some video ads. The launch of Premium on the web could ultimately help to do the same there, and thus provide a way for the company to sell more video ads at higher rates to advertisers.