Nickelodeon Launches Slimezone VR at Imax VR Centers in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto

Courtesy of Nickelkodeon

Nickelodeon launched its Slimezone VR experience at Imax VR Centers in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto Friday, and has plans to bring Slimezone VR to Imax VR locations in Shanghai, Bangkok and Manchester soon.

Visitors of these Imax VR centers can enter Slimezone with up to six players, and then go crazy and shoot slime at each other, play virtual ping-pong and basketball games, interact with the stars of Nickelodeon shows and more.

Slimezone was built by the Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab, a small advanced technology R&D unit within the network. “The Lab is really tasked with a long-term view of where entertainment is headed,” Nickelodeon SVP Chris Young told Variety during a recent behind-the-scenes tour of the Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab.

To prepare for the launch of Slimezone, the Lab had built its own body-tracking hardware, among other things. Slimezone VR had previously been shown at Vidcon.

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Nickelodeon’s partnership with Imax will be on an exclusive basis, but it’s not the network’s only foray into VR. In December, Nickelodeon announced a partnership with location-based VR startup Dreamscape Immersive.