Netflix is growing its hospitality footprint: The streaming service will arrive in additional hotel rooms in the coming months, thanks to a new partnership with Dish’s Evolve hospitality offering.

Evolve, which Dish launched in June of 2017, is combining Dish’s live TV service with streaming apps. To do this, the service is using Android TV hardware in people’s hotel rooms, which offer access to both native streaming apps and phone-based apps via Chromecast.

Once these devices get access to Netflix in the coming months, hotel guests will be able to log in with their personal accounts to access the streaming service. Evolve’s hardware is also 4K-capable, and will offer 4K Netflix streams if and when it is connected to a 4K TV.

Evolve isn’t the first hospitality service to link up with Netflix. Mariott entered a deal with Netflix to do the same 3 years ago, and hospitality provider Enseo has been offering Netflix at its partner hotels for some time as well.

The streaming service has proven to be popular with hotel guests: Enseo CEO Vanessa Ogle told Variety last year that Netflix has proven to be a lot more popular than adult entertainment in hotel rooms.