Two former Disney executives on Friday unveiled Maverick, a new social-networking app and website aimed at young girls and women that will also host live events, starting with an inaugural event in Los Angeles Saturday.

Maverick is the creation of Brooke Chaffin and Catherine Connors who met while they both worked for Disney. The digital media entrepreneurs said in an interview that they hope to create an online community with a purpose: connecting young girls and women.

“It came out of this ongoing observation that although there’s a lot of really great work being done by girl organizations… none of those organizations were really able to meet girls where they are in digital spaces,” Connors said. “We think some of the next wave products that come out and the evolution of existing products will try to architect interactions that create more meaningful connection and hopefully inspire people to be more authentic in their interactions with one another.”

Maverick will depend on role models and digital influencers to issue challenges to users that include making their own superhero, creating a dance piece or designing a mantra.

The online community will also have opportunities to gather for one-day events, like the one taking place Saturday. The first MaverickLive event will feature peer role models known as “Founding Mavericks,” and they include musical acts like Chloe and Halle Bailey, YouTube personalities Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, Native American activist and model, Daunnette Reyome, Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez and teen stand-up comedian and writer, Ruby Karp.

Investors include Heroic Ventures, BBG Ventures and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

“Creating inspiring and constructive communities in the digital and physical world is critical for this next generation,” Weiner said in a statement. “Now is the right time for a network like this, architected towards a set of positive and collaborative interactions, that while purpose driven, is designed to be a sustainable business.”