Italy’s Nexo Digital, which co-produces and distributes theatrical event content around the world is bringing two new feature-length art documentaries to the Cannes market: “Klimt and Schiele: Eros and Psyche, 1918-2018” and “Monet — Water Lilies: Magic Spell of Water and Light.”

“Klimt” delves into the turn-of-the century Vienna artworld and includes tours through exhibitions of Klimt and Schiele’s works, while “Monet” is an homage to the great French impressionist shot on location along the river Seine, in Paris, and in the artist’s countryside haunts. 

Meanwhile Nexo has closed a slew of sales on three previous docs. “Caravaggio,” “Hitler Versus Picasso” and “Van Gogh” have gone to Australia (Sharmill); Russia and CIS (Nevafilm); Spain (Acontracorriente); Mexico and Central America (Cinepolis): Colombia (Cinecolombia); Uruguay (Uruguay Movie); Taiwan (Movie Cloud); Finland (Story Hill); Belgium (Kinepolis); the Netherlands (ABC Booking); Poland (Cikanek Management); Hungary and Romania (Pannonia); Czech Republic (Aerofilm); Sweden, Norway and Denmark (Folkets Hus och Parker); Ukraine (KISFF Films).

Additionally, “Hitler Versus Picasso” was sold in Greece (Filmtrade) and Japan (New Select).

Nexo over the past four years has distributed more than 300 unique events to theatrical audiences globally, selling millions of premium-priced tickets in over 60 countries.

“We don’t just screen documentaries about works of art; we give audiences a chance to experience them deeply and personally together with a community of like-minded people,” said Nexo Digital CEO Franco Di Sarro. “The huge success of our events is proof that there is a market out there that is currently underserved, not only in Italy, but all over the world.”