Apple is preparing to sell more phones with LCD screens than OLED screens after introducing this year’s models later this summer, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. This indicates that the company expects that cheaper models will continue to outsell the iPhone X and its successor.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple had long been using LCD screens for the iPhone, but switched to OLED screens for the iPhone X last year. OLED screens offer more vibrant colors and higher contrast, but are also more expensive to produce.

The Journal reported Friday that Apple was planning to introduce at least one iPhone model with LCD screen this year to offer consumers a more affordable device. The company had originally planned to order as many OLED screens as LCD screens, but more recently shifted to order more LCD screens, according to the report.

Apple currently sells the iPhone X for $999 and up. The iPhone 8, the company’s current-generation base model, sells for $699 and up. Apple also continues to sell older phones, including the iPhone SE, which is currently listed at $349.

The company typically doesn’t break out iPhone sales by model. Executives have recently said that the iPhone X is the top-selling model, but that alone doesn’t say much about the iPhone X’s performance: Apple is currently selling two models of the iPhone 8, but only one iPhone X version.