Facebook has extended its content-scanning tool for video to Instagram — promising media companies and creators an automated way to identify and block copyright infringement on the service.

Instagram has previously provided tools for rights owners to report potential copyright violations. But Facebook’s Rights Manager, first introduced two years ago for Facebook video, provides a more powerful set of features.

Existing users of Facebook’s Rights Manager can access the functionality for Instagram now by logging into their Facebook Page and enabling coverage for Instagram. Once it’s enabled for Instagram, the reference files content owners have uploaded will be able to scan for that on both Instagram and Facebook.

With the Rights Manager tool, users can choose to automatically either block or monitor the matched video, or send the matching video content to a manual-review tab to be reviewed and acted on later.

Last year, Facebook enhanced Rights Manager to enable additional automation and more flexible controls, and added third-party integrations to give rights owners more ways to access Rights Manager capabilities.

To use the Rights Manager tool, content owners must submit an application (available at this link) and be approved by Facebook.

Google-owned YouTube has provided automated copyright-flagging tools for more than a decade, through its Content ID system.