Google is making its own smart display device and wants to ship it in time for this holiday season, Nikkei reported Friday. The company has ambitious plans for the device, with the goal of shipping three million units, according to the report.

The device would directly compete with Amazon’s Echo Show, and offer access to Google’s assistant via far-field voice control. A Google spokesperson declined to comment.

It’s not the first time Google has built such a smart speaker with display: The company announced partnerships with Lenovo, Sony, LG and JBL to build smart displays at CES earlier this year, and Lenovo began shipping its Google Assistant-powered smart display earlier this month.

The company hasn’t been very secretive about having further-reaching ambitions for the device category. In fact, a Google executive strongly hinted at plans to launch a smart display made by Google in an interview with Variety this spring.

Google-powered smart displays offer much of the same functionality as Amazon’s Echo Show, including access to recipes, video news briefings, weather, calendars and more. One of the key differences between Google’s and Amazon’s devices is access to YouTube. Google blocked Amazon from accessing its video service due to a prolong dispute between the two companies last year.