Google will likely start selling its $249 Clips camera any day now: A filing for the device showed up in the FCC’s database this week, suggesting an imminent release. Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google first announced its Google Clips camera at a press event in early October. Clips is being billed as a smart camera that automatically shoots images and small video loops of memorable moments by analyzing the action in front of the camera with the help of artificial intelligence.

The filing for a “wireless device” made by Google was heavily redacted, and didn’t mention the Clips camera by name. It did reveal that the device in question is battery-operated, and offers Wifi and Bluetooth low energy connectivity. It also mentioned “G015A” as the model name of the device — a model name that was included in previously shared promotional images of the device.

When Google first announced Clips, it was seen as a potential competitor to action cameras like the ones made by Gopro. However, Clips doesn’t capture any sound, and instead focuses on photos and short videos. Google also tried to assure consumers that Clips is not a surveillance camera, making it work without any internet connectivity.

The company wants to sell Clips in some retail stores, with Best Buy already listing it on its website, albeit without a firm release date. However, a release in January — weeks after the biggest shopping season of the year — clearly suggests that Google doesn’t expect Clips to become an overnight success story.