Google and its hardware partners are going to start selling smart displays powered by the Google Assistant this July, the company announced at Google’s annual Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, Calif., on Tuesday. These new generation of devices will get access to YouTube’s catalog of videos, as well as live TV powered by YouTube TV.

Google first announced smart displays made by Sony, LG, Lenovo, and JBL at CES earlier this year. LG, Lenovo, and JBL will all have displays available this summer. These displays will be voice-controlled and work similar to a Google Home smart speaker, but also offer a visual interface and touch screen.

On Tuesday, Google director of product management Lilian Rincon demonstrated that these displays will be able to tune into live TV programming via YouTube TV, as well as play regular YouTube videos, with voice commands.

There is no word yet on whether other media services will be natively integrated as well, but Google executives said earlier this year that its smart displays are going to support casting, meaning that you will be able to cast Netflix and other services to the device as well.

The fact that Google demonstrated YouTube running on these smart displays was also a not-so-subtle swipe at Amazon, whose Echo Show lost access to YouTube due to an ongoing conflict with Google.

Google also used its developer conference to give some additional updates on the development of the Google Assistant. The company will bring six additional voices to the Assistant in the coming months, and also worked with John Legend to bring his voice to the Assistant as well.

The Assistant is also becoming smarter about keeping up continued conversations without forcing users to repeatedly say the wake word. Users will also be able to combine actions, for instance, ask the Assistant to start playing a movie and dim the lights in one sentence.