Claudia Oshry, the Internet’s ‘Girl With No Job,’ Twitter Account Is Deleted

Claudia Oshry - Girl With No
Joe Schildhorn/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

The Twitter account for internet personality Claudia Oshry Soffer, known by her online handle as the Girl With No Job, has been deleted. The disabling or suspension of her Twitter account happened after anti-Muslim tweets she sent several years ago came to light earlier this week.

The Twitter account of her sister Jackie Oshry, aka jackieoproblems, also has been deleted or suspended.

On Thursday, Verizon’s Oath division said it was immediately cancelling the sisters’ “The Morning Breath” daily social-media talk show. That came after the Daily Beast published an article Wednesday about their mother, anti-Muslim agitator Pamela Geller, and the unearthing of Islamophobic tweets from both Claudia and Jackie Oshry.

It isn’t clear whether the Oshry sisters deleted their Twitter accounts themselves or whether Twitter took action on the accounts. A Twitter rep said the company doesn’t comment on individual users’ accounts. A rep for the Oshry sisters did not provide comment.

Claudia Oshry’s Twitter account, before it was deleted, had around 44,000 followers — far fewer than the 2.8 million she has on Instagram (where her account remains active). Jackie’s Twitter account had 25,000, versus 93,800 on her still-active Instagram page.

The sisters’ past comments on Twitter included Claudia Oshry’s 2014 tweet, “I can’t but feel like I’m funding terrorism when I take a cab” and one from 2012 in which she said “#OBAMA is a #MUSLIM!!!! YA I SAID IT.”

Her sister Jackie, in a 2015 tweet directed to Barack Obama, said, “Hi @POTUS, Can you reimburse me for all the cabs I’m taking bc your piece shit of plan to defeat ISIS makes me scared to take the subway? Ty.” In 2012, Jackie Oshry tweeted a New York Times story about Obama’s likely visit to Israel with the comment, “No thanks! There are enough unwanted Muslims there already.”

Both Claudia and Jackie Oshry have apologized in statements posted on Instagram for their past anti-Muslim tweets.