Business Wire, the global distributor of news releases, on Friday said it has stabilized the systems running its website — after a 10 days of a coordinated cyberattack.

Business Wire is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, which acquired the company in 2006.

In a notice to customers Friday, Business Wire COO Richard DeLeo said that “our system is stable and we have successfully mitigated the malicious attempts to render our website unavailable.”

Earlier this week, Business Wire disclosed that since Jan. 31, it had been the target of a “directed and persistent” denial-of-service attack, which uses bots to flood an internet system with bogus requests with the intent of disabling access to it. “As a result, clients may have experienced slowness on BusinessWire.com,” DeLeo wrote in the message.

The company hired outside cybersecurity consultants to help combat the attack. Business Wire’s web-application firewall has now been updated with new capabilities that will help it to better identify and block similar attacks, DeLeo said.

Business Wire has found “no evidence that any systems or client information have been compromised,” according to DeLeo. He also said the cyberattack did not prevent Business Wire from distributing press releases on behalf of its customers.