Toshiba smart TVs powered by Amazon’s Fire TV operating system are set to go on sale at Best Buy at the end of June, the retailer announced Wednesday. The cheapest model, a 43-inch 4K TV set with HDR support, will be available for just $329.99.

In addition to the 43-inch model, Best Buy will also start selling a 50-inch and 55-inch Toshiba TV powered by Fire TV next month. The 50-inch model will go on sale for $399.99, and the 55-inch model will cost for $479.99. Consumers are able to preorder any of the tree models effective immediately.

Best Buy and Amazon first announced their partnership on TV sets powered by the Fire TV operating system last month. As part of a multi-year partnership, Best Buy will sell Fire TVs under the Toshiba and Insignia brands in store as well as via its website. And for the first time in its history, Best Buy will also become an Amazon seller to distribute TVs on Amazon.com.

Both companies have committed to selling a total of 11 TV sets via Best Buy this year. The goal of the partnership is clearly to get Amazon’s Fire TV operating system in front of many more eyeballs, which could benefit Amazon’s video business.

In addition to making Prime Video more attractive, getting Amazon’s video storefront onto the home screen of millions of TVs could also help the company become an even bigger player in the subscription video resale business. The Diffusion Group estimated last week that Amazon’s Channels storefront is already responsible for more than 50% of all HBO online sales.

With its Best Buy partnership, Amazon is also defending itself against competitors like Google and Roku, both of which have been pushing to get their own smart TV operating system in front of bigger audiences. Roku CEO Anthony Wood said during the company’s Q1 earnings call that he wasn’t worried about the partnership between Amazon and Best Buy. However, investors apparently weren’t so sure about that, sending Roku’s stock down 2.4% Wednesday.