Apple is getting ready to take on one of its own: The company is working on high-end noise-cancelling headphones that could be launched as early as this year, according to a Bloomberg report.

This new product is being described as a pair of wireless over-ear headphones similar to the ones manufactured by companies like Bose and Sennheiser. Interestingly, Apple is looking to market the headphones under its own brand, capitalizing on the success of the Airpods, but at the same time competing with products from its Beats subsidiary.

Apple was working on the headphones throughout last year, and apparently ran into some issues that could lead to further delays, or even a decision to scrap the entire project. Bloomberg likened the development of the headphones to that of the HomePod speaker, which is also targeting the high-end of the audio market.

Apple’s wireless speaker is coincidentally also an example for Apple opting to develop an audio product outside of Beats, which it acquired for $3 billion four years ago. At the time, Beats engineers had already been working on their own Wifi-connected Sonos-like speaker — but Apple decided to scrap the project and start from scratch to instead build the HomePod.