Apple has invited media to an education-focused event in Chicago, which will be held on March 27th at a local high school. The invite, which was sent out Friday morning, featured the slogan “let’s take a field trip.”

In typical Apple fashion, the company didn’t reveal anything about the news it intends to announce at the event, instead simply stating that it was about “creative new ideas for teachers and students.”

There have recently been rumors that Apple could release a cheaper Macbook, as well as possibly a new entry-level iPad to complement its more expensive iPad Pro line. Especially the latter could make an interesting product for schools, and possibly help the company catch up with competitors.

Some years ago, Apple was very successful at bringing its iMac to schools across the country, which helped the company to effectively build a pipeline: Students who grew up with Macs at school were more likely to buy them later in life as well.

However, more recently, Google has been increasingly successful with its Chromebooks, which are generally cheaper and easier to maintain by school staff. Apple’s struggles in the education market were on full display when the Los Angeles school district backed out of a plan to buy iPads for all of its students in 2015, ultimately reaching settlements with both Apple and education software provider Pearson to refund some of its expenses.

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