AG Artists, the company founded by Andrew Gertler (pictured above) that manages Shawn Mendes, announced today that it is expanding to Los Angeles and bringing in Justin Stirling as its new Head of Marketing. AG has also upped Jordan Wolosky, a three-year veteran of the company, from GM to GM & COO.

In his newly created position, Stirling, formerly head of marketing at Electric Feel Management, will report directly into Gertler and be tasked with marketing, promotion and artist relations. Wolosky will continue to report to Gertler and takes on the new role heading operations of the company as COO. He joined AG in 2015 after previous positions at Atom Factory and  Sony.

“When I started AG Artists, I wanted to build a focused company for my clients that provided one-on-one service, with other young and like-minded team members,” Gertler said. “It was important to me, in growing the company, that I did so in a thoughtful and strategic way, with a team that shared my artists’ and my own values. With that, I’m so happy to welcome Justin Stirling on board, who is one of the best rising executives in the business, and to expand Jordan Wolosky’s role, to continue to run our company operations and expand the boundaries of what our company can do for our artists”

The announcement continues the expansion of the company, which recently opening a new office in Brooklyn, and launched AG Ventures & AG Films. Gertler’s venture arm is a partner in the $100 million Silicon Valley fund Amplo (Robinhood, Andela, 1Concern, Mark43, and Travel Perk), and holds additional investments in artist technology company Fan.si and social-media app Genies.

The film division is currently producing a full-length Mendes documentary, as well as a yet-to-be-announced feature film project with the singer.